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About Us - Over A Half Century Of Service

The work C.E.M.P. does is priceless. Their track record and reputation is impeccable.

Sgt. Torres, Devonshire/LAPD
C.E.M.P. has been an established all-volunteer emergency team since 1962. We're very proud to celebrate over 50 years of consistent service, impeccable track record and respected heritage. As the only suburban search & rescue team in the entire city of Los Angeles, we are recognized and utilized by the LAPD, Park Rangers, County Police, L.A. County Sheriff's Department and LAFD.

C.E.M.P. is an official 501c3 non-profit organization, made up of men and women, of all ages, who share a passionate desire to give back to the community. Although utilized by city and county agencies, all of our funding comes from out-of-pocket expenses and donations.

Serving the City of Los Angeles for 50 Years!

We're proud to be celebrating over a half-century of service the Los Angeles area.
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What We Do

C.E.M.P. responds to a variety of needs:

  • Critical Missing Search & Rescue
  • Crime and Accident Scene Lighting
  • Evacuations
  • Evidence Searches
  • K9 Deployment
  • Stand-by Medical for Events
  • Disaster Response
  • Body Recovery (Coroner assistance)
  • Eyes and Ears Surveillance
  • Traffic Control
...and much more
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How We Do It

C.E.M.P. never "self activates"

When an emergency agency needs additional help, a supervisor or higher authority activates our team. We take pride in our adherence to proper protocols and procedures, constantly updating and refreshing our skills through mandatory trainings.

We do not "self-activate", meaning we only respond to government agencies' official deployment protocol. If an individual needs our assistance (for missing family member) we ask that you contact your local police and they will activate us if needed.

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Our History

50 years of service and still going strong

In 1962 a group of dedicated citizens formed a team to provide communications assistance during disasters.  In less than a year, "Citizens Emergency Mobile Patrol" was born. Now "California Emergency Mobile Patrol," our team has grown tremendously, and has been responsible for many successful operations, logging in thousands of volunteer hours each year.

As we enter our 2nd half century, we are honoring those founders and celebrating our long, unprecedented, successful history.

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