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Our History - C.E.M.P. Established 1962

C.E.M.P. is Born

June, 1962 - a child goes missing in the San Fernando Valley. Back then there was no such thing as a "Critical Missing" designation, so she was considered a "missing person." During the search, citizen volunteers began to join the effort. A small group of individual citizen-band (CB) radio operators bonded together and noted that a lack of coordination and control during these type of missing person cases resulted in a pitiful, disorganized attempt at a rescue operation where a child's life may be at stake.

These men, realizing the need for group effectiveness, formed a club. In October, 1962 this "club" incorporated and was named "Citizens Emergency Mobile Patrol."

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Immediately after incorporation, C.E.M.P. obtained a corporation Class D station license from the FCC to allow 100 transmitters to further help the city's needs. One of the team's first major assignments in collaboration with the L.A. County Medical Association and Pasadena Civil Defense was to help distribute polio vaccine to prevent a possible epidemic. Soon after distribution of these health immunizations, C.E.M.P. provided its radio communications for parades and other community events.

C.E.M.P. has continued to grow both in its members and in the services it provides. The team, which strives to provide whatever the community and its respective agencies request, is composed of members who all have full-time jobs and commit themselves to giving back to the community. The team is routinely requested by the LAPD, Park Rangers, County Police, LA County Sheriff's Dept and LAFD for services ranging from critical missing searches, to fire patrol, lighting for criminal investigations, traffic control, disaster response and stand-by medical for fairs, parades, and races.

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