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Search & Rescue - Missing Persons

C.E.M.P.'s primary function is Search & Rescue. We aid the Los Angeles Police Dept. in "Critical Missing" cases, which involve a missing person who is a juvenile (determined not to be a runaway), an elderly person or a patient with a diminished mental capacity.

Once on the scene, C.E.M.P.'s trained man-trackers and search specialists go into action. Our team is trained specifically for the unique environment that is the San Fernando Valley. This suburban area is covered not only in densely-populated residential areas, but wilderness areas as well. One search might take us to the streets of high-incident Pacoima, while the next may take us the beautiful mountainous areas of O'Melvany Park.

Pictured at right is a training using our unique rough terrain stokes with wheel.

Lighing Equipment

C.E.M.P. provides a great resource for lighting crime and accident scenes. With an entire arsenal of powerful, effective lighting equipment, C.E.M.P. has become the "go-to" team for the Los Angeles Police Department during a crime or accident investigation. Once the sun goes down, C.E.M.P. lights go up to illuminate city blocks after a fatality accident or an entire house after a drug raid.

Our lighting team is highly trained and sacrifices many long nights as quite often these callouts play out until sunrise. Thousands of volunteer hours per year are given to the LAPD for this service. The equipment is the property of C.E.M.P. and is purchased by us from our donations and out-of-pocket funds.

Pictured to the right is the team in training.

Stand-by Medical Support

C.E.M.P. provides "Stand-by Medical" services for many events. Because most of our members are EMT trained (Emergency Medical Technicians), and all are advanced first aid trained, we provide rescue and first aid services to local events.

We provide the service, free of charge, for city-sanctioned events such as Christmas parades, city-sponsored marathons, etc.  For private events like triathlons or bike races, we ask for a fair donation so that we may continue to operate.  These stand-by medical donations are the primary source of funds for our team.

Pictured to the right is the base aid station for the Boney Mountain Trail Race.   To request C.E.M.P. as an aid team, please Contact Us.

Evidence Search and Crime Scene Preservation

C.E.M.P. provides a great resource for evidence search and recovery. Quite often the Los Angeles Police Department will call on C.E.M.P. to assist in the search for evidence at a crime scene. We have been credited for finding weapons, shell casings, blood trails, foot prints and more.

We are trained in crime scene preservation so that any law enforcement agency can rest assured that the integrity of the scene is not compromised during a search.  

Pictured to the right is C.E.M.P. at work in Brown's Canyon, north of the 118 freeway, after a gang-related stabbing. Our job that day was to look for the weapon, blood patterns and footprints.

Arson and Fire Watch

During fire season C.E.M.P. is often deployed as an Arson Watch resource. We aid the Los Angeles City Fire department in identifying trouble spots and high-risk areas before, and during, a wildfire. Unfortunately, with the onset of Santa Ana winds comes the likelihood that an arsonist will strike.  By quickly identifying the origin of a fire, the LAFD can respond quickly and effectively to stop it from spreading further.

During official Red Flag Warning days, C.E.M.P. is activated right away and will serve as the eyes and ears for the Valley.

Pictured to the right was taken during the Buckweed Fire of 2009.

K9 Search Team

Our K9 Search and Rescue Team is a priceless asset. The California Emergency Mobile Patrol has a group of volunteers with specially trained dogs dedicated to assisting in the search for missing persons. C.E.M.P. Dog Teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as other public service agency requests.

C.E.M.P. Search Dog Teams are a volunteer resource. They take time off work to participate in searches and training, drive thousands of miles a year, and spend 50 to 100 hours per month for training and searches.

Pictured to the right are members of our K9 team.

Evacuation Support

C.E.M.P. assists both the LAPD and LAFD in evacuation orders. During a wildfire event, the LAFD will mandate an evacuation order, which LAPD then executes by strongly encouraging residents to leave their homes. This is never easy, as most people feel uneasy about such a move. Besides the stress of not knowing if they're home will survive the fire, they also have to leave their houses unlocked to aid fire crews in their tactics.

C.E.M.P. assists with the evacuation operation by helping residents to move quickly and then patrolling the abandoned neighborhoods to prevent looting. By providing security we hope to ease the stress that so often accompanies these fires.

Pictured to the right are residents at an aid station during the Sayer Fire of 2009.

Disaster Response

C.E.M.P. is an important resource for both natural and manmade disasters. In times of earthquakes, fires, floods, mudslides and other natural disasters common to California, C.E.M.P. plays a vital role in the effort by responding to the immediate and long-term needs of area agencies.

We also aid in the operation of manmade disaster response, such as terrorist attacks and mass casualty incidents.

Pictured to the right is the rescue operation of the 2008 Metrolink disaster, where 25 passengers lost their lives. C.E.M.P. was one of the first teams to arrive on scene, as this horrible collision happened in our coverage area of Chatsworth, CA.

Traffic Control

C.E.M.P. provides many agencies with traffic control and road closures. Because our team is trained in traffic control, C.E.M.P. will often aid agencies in maintaining road closures, diverting traffic and monitoring intersections.

We consistently provide the only resource for the LAPD, as the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) is not set up to handle disasters and overtime emergencies.

Pictured to the right is Big Tujunga Road during the Sayer fire of 2009. C.E.M.P. assisted the LAFD, LAPD and CHP during that wildfire.

Body Recovery

C.E.M.P. is periodically asked to assist with body recovery operations. We respond to the request of the L.A. County Coroner's Office when manpower or resources are limited.  

Pictured to the right is a recovery operation of a murder victim in Griffith Park. After hikers discovered the body, recovery became difficult as swarms of bees had migrated to the decomposed body.