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March, 2020


Covid-19 For the first time in modern history the world stops. All volunteer organizations cease operations during the historic Covid-19 pandemic. The City of Los Angeles grounded all operations, including C.E.M.P. The three-month hiatus helped "Flatten the curve" of infections and deaths.

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October, 2013


We Turn 50! We turn 50! C.E.M.P. is proud of our heritage, history and service. For over 50 years we have provided valuable assistance in Los Angeles. And we're looking forward to serving another 50. See you in 2062!

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October, 2008


Fire Storms Two major fires consume the Los Angeles north county area in 2008 and 2009. The "Sayre Fire," also known as the "Sylmar Fire," and the "Station Fire" dominated the city in the Fall of both years. C.E.M.P. played a major role with evacuations, brush patrol and traffic.

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September, 2008


Metrolink Disaster When a careless engineer blows through a red signal because he is texting, his Metrolink train collides head-on with a BSNF freighter. 25 lose their lives in the horrific crash. C.E.M.P. was on the scene first and aided in the rescue operation.

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August, 2000


DNC in L.A. The Democratic National Convention is held in Los Angeles. The event was a security and crowd challenge. C.E.M.P. joined the LAPD in becoming eyes and ears from various vantage points over the convention.

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October, 1995


Holleigh Bernson Councilman Hal Bernson's daughter, Holleigh, goes missing and a massive search is organized. After her car is discovered over a cliff in Griffith Park, C.E.M.P. plays a primary role in finding and recovering her body.

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January, 1994


Northridge Earthquake On January 17, the Northridge Earthquake shakes L.A. out of bed at 4:17am. The devastating quake took 57 lives and injured more than 12,000. C.E.M.P. aided in rescue efforts, recovery and logistics for agencies. We were pictured on the cover of Time during the crisis.

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August, 1991


Name Change After much debate and consideration, C.E.M.P. votes to update their name to “California Emergency Mobile Patrol” (replacing “Citizens”). The move showed a more progressive, modern representation of the team's ability to assist in statewide and more professional assignments.

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June, 1991


Sierra Madre Quake On June 28 - A magnitude 5.8 earthquake shakes northern L.A. County and all of Southern California. The "Sierra Madre" event kills eight people and injures hundreds. C.E.M.P. joined the mutual aid effort and supported communications and rescue efforts coordinated by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department and other area agencies.

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July, 1984


L.A. Hosts The Olympics The Olympic Games come to Los Angeles, making L.A. the only U.S. city to host the games twice. Los Angeles was the home to the Summer Games of the XXIII Olympiad in the Coliseum - specifically built for the Olympics. C.E.M.P. assisted the LAPD and USC campus police with eyes & ears details as well as communications.

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