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February, 1971


San Fernando Earthquake In the early morning hours of February 9, 1971 a 6.6 earthquake shook Southern California. The epicenter was in the city of San Fernando. The quake killed 65 people - most at the Olive View Medical Center and VA Hospital which were both destroyed. C.E.M.P. played a major role in the rescue and communications efforts.

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June, 1968


Robert Kennedy Killed Senator Robert Kennedy is assassinated in the kitchen of the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. after speaking at a campaign rally. He later dies at nearby Good Samaritan Hospital (which still stands today). That year, C.E.M.P. deploys its "modern MSU" (Mobile Support Unit).

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October, 1967


Turning 5 C.E.M.P. celebrates five years of service to Los Angeles. That same year the first-ever AFL-NFL World Championship Game, aka "Super Bowl I" takes place at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The NFL champion Green Bay Packers defeated the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. Also that year the Mark Taper Forum and Los Angeles Forum both open.

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June, 1966


L.A. Zoo Opens The Los Angeles Zoo opens its doors for the first time. The Beach Boys release Good Vibrations, a No. 1 hit in the United States and UK and widely considered one of the most influential pop songs ever written.

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August, 1965


Watts Riots 65 people are killed in the week-long violence of the the Watts riots. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) opens. Today LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States. That same year, Marina del Rey is opened — the largest man-made pleasure boat harbor in the world.

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October 1962


C.E.M.P. Is Born After the search of missing child, a group of citizens join together and begin forming search parties using a more organized communication strategy. They quickly form "Citizens Emergency Mobile Patrol" and incorporate the team. That same year, Dodger Stadium opens to the public.

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