Malibu Triathlon

SEPTEMBER, 2021 – For over twenty years C.E.M.P. has been providing medical support and staffing for the Malibu Triathlon. This year, for the first time since its inception, the event was organized and run by a different company, but our involvement remained the same – keeping over 2000 participants safe while enjoying the very high-profile, annual event. The Malibu Triathlon starts in the ocean and then spans up PCH for 20 miles before returning back to the beach for a run.

Monitoring Mullholland

AUGUST, 2021 – C.E.M.P. has once again partnered with The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA) for the summer in order to keep fire danger at bay. The team regularly patrols the Mulholland corridor, from Universal City to Calabasas, providing eyes and ears for safety and/or fire violations. During Red Flag alerts this service is even more important, for obvious reasons. The partnership between MRCA and C.E.M.P. has been a solid one for over two years so far. (click photo for slideshow)

Pasadena Triathlon

AUGUST, 2021 – For the 11th year, C.E.M.P. once again offered medical support for the annual Pasadena Triathlon. The event, produced by Generic Events, is one that draws thousands to the Rose Bowl for a bike, run and swim competition. C.E.M.P. has had a very long relationship with Generic Events and is proud to call them a senior supporter to our team.

Assisting GHCHS

MAY, 2021 – C.E.M.P. assisted the Granada Hill Charter High School with their two-day 2021 Graduation. We joined the LAPD in keeping the students safe, maintaining smooth traffic flow and overall helping the Class of ’21 enjoy what was an historic year to be a senior. It should be noted that GHCHS did an amazing job of sticking with L.A. County regulations and Covid protocols, while giving the kids their first in-person outside assembly in over a year. It was truly a successful event. (click photo for slideshow)

New Recruits Earn Badges

MAY, 2021 – After nearly a year of interrupted recruiting practices due to the Pandemic, C.E.M.P. returned to normal operations in May, and immediately awarded our latest recruits with their well-earned badges. Kathleen Burns, LAPD Captain III, was on-hand to present the badges to our latest class. As with any class, they attended a six month applicant period followed by a three month probationary period. To learn more about the steps to take, visit our Join Our Team Page.

Off-Road VTD Training

MAY, 2021 – C.E.M.P. offers regular medical support for LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division’s “National Youth Project Using Minibikes” program. The training is held every Saturday at the off-road training course in Granada Hills. Officers at the LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division mentor youth ages 10-17 years-old by teaching them to ride minibikes as a way of overcoming their daily challenges. It is seen as a way to help youth develop self-confidence, decision making, teamwork, risk management and other valuable life skills.

LAPD Honor Carlos Sandoval

FEBRUARY, 2021 – LAPD’s Devonshire Station recently honored our own Carlos Sandoval for 20 years of community service: “We would like to thank Carlos Sandoval for his dedicated service to our community and his relentless volunteering for the past 20 yrs. Carlos Sandoval has been a pillar and a key player in the daily operations of the Devonshire Community Police Station. We salute his dedication and commitment.” We mirror Devonshire’s salute and thank him as well. You’re the man, Carlos!

First Responders Honored

DECEMBER, 2020 – C.E.M.P. participated in the First Responders Drive-Thru Holiday Toy Giveaway in December. LAPD, LASD, LAFD and CSPB presented the event which was held at Dodger Stadium. Hundreds of happy kids were presented a toy as their parents drove them through the displays. This unique drive through was a welcome site for everyone in the middle of a rough year and a world-wide pandemic. (click photo for slideshow)

Assisting in Griffith Park

AUGUST, 2020 – C.E.M.P. has been active assisting the City of Los Angeles Park Ranger Division this summer. Our team has been patrolling Griffith Park with supplemental eyes and ears during days designated as excessive heat emergencies. We help out overheated hikers, as well as watch for fire dangers and other heat-related issues. C.E.M.P. has had a long-running relationship with the Park Rangers, helping out over the years in a variety of ways.

Civil Unrest and Protests

JUNE, 2020 – Los Angeles area protesters pushed the Covid-19 pandemic aside and took to the streets to protest law enforcement use of force. Many protests quickly turned violent, as hundreds of businesses were looted and burned. For over a week L.A. County was under a curfew and state of emergency. C.E.M.P. was deployed as part of the city’s response, to help light up command post operations and assist in logistics.

C.E.M.P. Assists MRCA

MAY, 2020 – The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA) recently entered into an agreement with C.E.M.P. – just in time as the need for assistance arose. We offer support, extra manpower and help not only during fire season, but during the Covid-19 crisis as well. As the MRCA faced huge budget cuts and layoffs, our team was able to provide extra eyes and ears in the area parks.

C.E.M.P. Suspends Operations

MARCH, 2020 – For the first time in it’s 58 year history, C.E.M.P. suspended operations to help slow down the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. All volunteer organizations under the LAPD umbrella were grounded out of caution and advice from the L.A. County Health Department. The entire world came to a stop in the Spring of 2020 due to the fast-spreading, deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our team joined California in slowly starting to open back up in late May.

Boney Mountain Trail Race

JANUARY, 2020 – The Boney Mountain Trail Race is an annual event that C.E.M.P. provides primary medical support for. It takes place in the beautiful mountains of Ventura County and splits the participants into two trails – a 10 mile and 25 mile course. This year was relatively quiet, as good weather and solid ground helped to keep the runners safe.

Assisting in Evidence Search

DECEMBER, 2019 – LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division requested C.E.M.P. to assist in an evidence and possible human remains search near Tampa Avenue in Los Angeles. The team was briefed by the LAPD, K9 Handler Lori Wells and Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Robyn Parks (also a C.E.M.P. member) before the search (pictured above), then members were tasked with looking for either evidence of a crime or possible human remains that may have been left there months before.

Chatsworth Parade

DECEMBER, 2019 – C.E.M.P. has been providing traffic control, road closures and general first-aid for over 30 years to the Chatsworth Holiday Parade. The annual event runs down Chatsworth Street from Topanga to Zelzah Ave.

Granada Holiday Parade

DECEMBER, 2019 – One of the largest in Los Angeles, the Granada Hills Holiday Parade stretches for two miles and includes up to 200 participating organizations. C.E.M.P. has been providing full operations and staffing to assist LAPD in road closures, traffic, medical and logistics for over 30 years.